Top Frequently Asked Questions - General

I would like an autographed photo of Cindy. How can I get one?

Go to Cindy's Web Store where you can choose from the many 8x10 photographs available for purchase. Cindy will sign the photograph and even personalize for you or your friends and family members it if you like. They make great holiday or birthday gifts!

I have a photo or item that I would like Cindy to sign. How can I get her to sign it?

Cindy occasionally appears at events across the country. If Cindy is appearing at an event in your area all you need to do is bring the photo or item with you and Cindy will sign it in person. Event entrance and signing fees may apply.

For those of you wanting to send Cindy photos or items to be signed directly though the mail we currently do not have a system in place to offer this option. We are looking into it, though, and will keep everyone posted if and when this option might be available in the future.

How can I meet Cindy?

Keep checking our front page news or Cindy's Events page to see when she will be appearing at an event near you. To see some images from past events go to Cindy's Candid Photo Album.

I would like Cindy to appear at my event. Who do I need to contact?

Email cindymorganinfo@aol.com

Who designed Cindy-Morgan.com?

The web site was designed by Scott Skerchock and Marc Hall. If you are interested in having a web site designed or you are looking for custom programming or a web hosting service please visit HallMarc Websites for a free quote. https://www.HallMarcWebsites.com