Best known as "Lacey Underall" in CADDYSHACK, and "Yori" in TRON, Cindy Morgan was born Cynthia Ann Cichorski on September 29 in Chicago, Ill, not far from Wrigley field. The daughter of a Polish factory worker and German mother, Cindy survived 12 years of Catholic school and was the first in her family to attend college. Read More...

Caddyshack Actress Remembers Director Harold Ramis


It wasn’t until I saw myself on screen that I understood. Harold really was Lacey. I spoke to my friend, Tom Ward.

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“We were struck by comedy lightning, you don’t want to plan doing a film like this. You can’t plan something like this.”

–Actress Cindy Morgan on the making of Caddyshack. Morgan played Lacey Underall in the movie.

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Cindy Morgan: Virtually Carefree

Article from The Neon Rewind

“Cindy Morgan has worked her way from a Catholic school upbringing to the bright lights of Hollywood stardom. She’s navigated the world with a confidence and charisma all her own and subsequently set herself apart from the pack as one of the unique people in show business.

Getting her career started in college, Morgan found success in a variety of media, which led to her first commercial job. “I had three jobs in broadcasting during college: the student television station, student radio station and then I got offered a job at a commercial station,” she said. “It was time for me to go on and I had to choose a last name to go by – so I chose Morgan.”

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Yori Lives Story Contest

securedownloadSince we’ve been seeing so much amazing artwork of all kinds (and hearing many amazing story suggestions too! ) …

We decided that a “Yori Lives Story Contest ” would be fun.

How does the character Yori/ Lora fit into the proposed story line for TRON 3?

Artwork: ANY kind… one piece up to a short graphic novel!

Story: One line, a synopsis or …….. 😉

Rating: Keep it G to PG-13

Prize: Autograph with their choose of signed photo and limited edition glass Yori pendant necklace made by artist David Bird

We’ll post the entries, and our friends on Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter will decide by end of May.

How to enter the MAY “Yori Lives Story Contest”

To submit: Post here on the Yori Lives Facebook page.

Or on Tumblr 

Or post a link to your work on Twitter.

(It’s that easy! )

We’ll make a master post with all the entries for everybody to see them and vote for their favorites.

This is not….. END OF LINE

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